Cinnamon Love

This time in Delhi, close friends and I decided to visit the newest haven of elitism, DLF Promenade VK. Stores same as Select City Walk, even placements are same. Proves elitism is pretty unimaginative. Hurrying on to the good stuff, the food. The food court is very expansive, with the regular McDonald’s, Domino’s, Subway and Hot Dog Express and the not so much so, Haldiram’s, a Lebanese joint called Arabian Nights, a sushi joint and Cafe Brown Sugar (the bigger store of the one at GK 1) and Chinese stuff. The centrepiece, very suitably, was a Baker’s Street stall, wafts of fresh cakes and breads doing wonders for appetites! We decided to go for the Lebanese food, having had very good experiences with the cuisine previously. Alas, the grilled chicken was pretty dry and hard, the dip wasn’t all that bad.

Now moving on to what this post is REALLY about. You know how you find something that is buttery, milky and nutty and caramelly and spice-laden? Well that’s what a Cinnabon is all about. To describe it further, the process is done out right in front of you. A long buttered sheet of dough, shovelfuls of nutty cinnamon powder dusted generously over it. Now that is rolled and sliced Swiss Roll style. That is drizzled with butter and baked till it swells to about double its size. It’s kept in the oven till you order it. Then comes the fun bit.The plain version is sticky sweet, cinnamony and dripping with dulce de leche (kind of a condensed milk, but not so sweet). There are mini roll versions, 4 to a box, and the huge chunky version. After one is done, you can just scrape the dulce soaked cinnamon from the butter paper and lick it off. Bliss comes 4 to a box!

(An amazing cross section of the yummy thing!)

There’s a chocolate version, which I personally found to be a little too sweet. The chocolate overdoes it with the sweetness. The cinnamon and the dulce de leche is sweet enough, without making it crusty. The chocolate drizzle goes over the top. Everything doesn’t go well with an add of chocolate after all!

The piece de resistance of course was what they call the PecanBon. The plain roll, big one, drizzled even more generously with dulce and sprinkled over with chopped pecans, that toasty chewy delight that makes anything go soft yet crunchy in a funky way. All three of us were, for some reason, backing off from ordering it, until one of us gave in to the temptation. And boy was that a release! PecanBon, honestly, is a thing of delight.

(What was left after I was finished!)

The price may be a touch on the higher side, but after one bite the thought wafts out of your head. Its better value for money if a group shares. Although frankly, how willing the group will be to share, I have my doubts!

Cinnamon already makes me heady, what with that nutty, spicy, warm dessert-y smell. Add to that dense dough, oodles of butter, milky sweet dulce de leche, a spray of caramel and the bite of pecans, and what have you? Heaven in your mouth!


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