The First a new home!

I like to think. And I like to think in terms of shapes and colours. I associate thoughts and feelings with colours and smells. Like when my mother speaks, her voice is butter yellow. When my most hated enemy speaks, she (yes it’s a she. I’m a girl, big surprise!) has a dirty grey green voice.

And so on.

This post is going to be VERY random, so do bear with me.

Okay as an introductory discount, let me not subject you to my very disorganized rambling. Let’s just start by listing down a few things about me that I myself didn’t know till very long ago.

1. I have very few friends. I may be hanging out all the time with a number of people, but only very very few are actually my friends in the true sense of the word. My parents, fyi, are two of them. And so is my very beloved grandmother.

2. (Actually I knew this one). I am a darned good dancer. Bharatanatyam trained since age tiny. And now choreographing. Okay enough of blowing-the-trumpet.

3. I want to be a food writer. My journey to come to this conclusion has been long and meandering. I started out be wanting to be an engineer, seeing as my idol (my father) is one. This lasted me till about the 8th standard. Post which I wanted to be a pro dancer (refer to no. 2). Next up I wanted to be “something to do with computers” (my bro was doing his pretty prestigious MCA back then). Then that idea went to hell. Then my dear parents suggested the media line. Remember, if your parents are suggesting it, it can’t possibly go wrong. Forever the talkative one, and (okay some trumpet blowing is in order) darned creative, I finalized there. I wanted to be a journalist (yeah I know you’re sneering at the “creative” and “journalist” placed side by side). But then 26/11 happened. When I saw what Srinivasan Jain (NDTV) and Sumit from India TV were up against, I realized, that I did not have what it takes to be one of them. My salutes to them who were so brave. By then I had toyed with the idea of advertising, and tried it too. So, here I am with my profession, advertising. And I am an reader-writer of food. Hence mix it real nice and there I am: a creative food writer!

4. I Like SIMC a lot. No matter how many times we crib, no matter how many times I hear others curse, it’s still my institute. It’s like a delicate relationship you know. You get him/her after a lot of hard work, after having dreamt of him/her for long. You fall in love, get sunk, hook, line and sinker. So you find out somethings wrong with him/her. Does that mean you will begin to hate him/her. No. Not at all. I love SIMC, because I’ve always dreamt of studying here. The pure awesomeness of the campus is just an added bonus.

5. I’m addicted to my phone.

6. My phone has gone mad.

7. I now need to go and eat. Super hungry, having followed an absolutely wrecked up food schedule today.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you do show up again, because

8. I also love my readers!