The Truth About Bacon

The truth about bacon is that it’s the most awesomely unhealthy and most delish thing I’ve had.

Have you ever had it on a Subway sandwich? Have it with the Roasted Chicken Breast or even the simple Veggie Delight. Unhealthi-ly salty, crisp and you gotta pull on it to make it come off. Not good for the veins, but meh! So good it’s not even funny.

Do you know what Subway has started? The last time I went in there, I ordered extra bacon (I always do). It was then that I noticed the bacon wasn’t looking much too bacon-y, you know. After peering a close look at it, the truth really wanted to be known. Hey I have the right to know what I’m eating!

I was told, it’s something called Chicken Bacon. With my jaw down to the floor in honest astonishment, I wondered what in the sweet name of God was “chicken” bacon! It’s like vegetable salami *shrug!* Isn’t the very name traditionally NOT chicken? And post having it, it tasted like chicken salami, nothing like the unhealthy badness of REAL bacon.

Why anybody would settle for chicken bacon??


  1. I want a subway melt with mayo, mustard, sweetonion and chilli sauce...


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