A Long Overdue Apology

Heh. Aheh. Hi!

I'm head-hanging-shuffle-footed ashamed of myself.
Whatever I'll say now will sound like an excuse, but I really really was tied up. I did not forget, thanks to Maulik, Deepti and R who kept on asking me for more posts. Big shout out to you guys!

A lot has changed, and yet nothing has really.
Many of these deserve posts of their own and will soon do.
I am now employed. With a computer. And an email and intranet ID. And a phone. Visiting cards. And best of all, a name plate. I am, officially, a grown up. How excited that leaves me is for you to imagine. You know me!
I relocated to the city of Mumbai for two months, where I stayed with the best two people in the whole world, one of whom I have known for upwards of 4 years, one who I barely spoke to for two years, and now is one of my closest friends. Made some of the best memories of my life with these two. I had the time of my life there: I made many new friends, I welcomed a new life of a..ahem..responsible adult! And most of all, I cooked every day! That my friends is a post I promise is up next.
I still love food, and will try my hands at anything. Since I'm back home now, I'll have more time on my hands to cook up more stuff.
Work keeps me busy from 9 am to ~11:30 pm, this, guys, is the true reason I have not been able to update this space in SO long.

Yeah guys, I screwed up big time. I'm so sorry.

I will try my best to update this space twice a week. Take me to task if you will!

I'm back guys, this time for good!

'Til the next mouthwatering post.. :)


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