Soya Nugget Breakfast Sandwiches

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Breakfast is certainly the MOST important part of the day. I do feel that it should be healthy, and packed with nutrients, and did I mention healthy?

But sometimes, healthy needs  little bit of leeway. With some mayo (light, of course), two buttery crispy slices of bread (hey, c'mon, brown of course!), a bit of diced veggies, and the most divine vegetarian sandwich filling in the world. 

Did you just hear me say vegetarian? It's because I did. This is easily the best, ooey-gooey sandwich filling in zis world. So take it down, but it'll be imprinted in your memory once you eat it. Also, it's seriously easy.

Soya Chunk Breakfast Sandwiches

You need:
For the filling
  • 1 cup of dry uncooked soya chunks (Nutrela)
  • A bit of diced capsicum. You can use any colour for this.
  • A bit of corn kernels (like in a Green Giant or Del Monte tins)
  • May be some sliced and blanched mushrooms
  • Mayonnaise: as many spoonfuls as is required
  • A squidge of American Mustard (optional)
  • Oregano/ garlic chips/ chilli flakes

(I'd recommend this only. Any more than this, the stuffing will be too full and chunky and not creamy enough)
For the sandwich
  • Brown or multigrain bread
  • Little bit butter

The How:
  • Drop the dry chunks into boiling water. They'll absorb some of the water, puff up and the water will become foamy. Once perfectly puffed, drain into a colander, and rinse with plenty of drinking water at normal temperature. Squeeze the chunks by the fistful to rinse out any foamy residue. It's done when the water runs clear.

  • Shred the boiled chunks with your hands.
  • Meanwhile, drain and rinse the corn kernels, wash and dice the capsicum, and blanch the sliced mushrooms.
  • Pile the shredded chunks and the veggies in a bowl.
  • Add the squidge of mustard (if you want). I find it adds a delicious vinegary acidity to it. You can leave it out if you want.
  • Chuck in the oregano, chilli flake and garlic chips, in the quantity you want.  I seriously OD'd on the garlic!

  • Now add in mayo one spoonful at a time, and mix till it's creamy yet sufficiently chunky. You don't want it to be flooded in mayo creaminess, but you don't want it be totally dry either.

It should look like this:

  • Once done taking a photo and tasting copious spoonfuls (ahem), lightly butter two slices of bread (you could leave this out as well. The mayo provides enough moisture), slather the filling as much as you want and use a panini-maker, or a regular sandwich maker to toast and seal it.

  • Go nuts!

So this is it! You can sub soya chunks with chicken, paneer or even hard-boiled eggs, and it will still be as delicious. Seriously, you've got to try this! It's fast, easy and oh so delicious!

Till the next time,

Happy Eating!


  1. Hey...first time here...this looked interesting..will definitely try for my son's lunch. As he's a vegeterian, the chocie is so less and he loves soy chunks...Came here from Ritu's blog. I saw soy chunks sandwich and that grabbed my attention. I don't use mayo at all as it is full of fats..should get some low fat one and try.

    1. It's easy and really yummy! Thanks for visiting!

  2. This is really yummy!!! I do make a similar version with hard boiled eggs, but I've got to try this one out too :-)

    1. Yeah I make this with eggs as well. My mum and I love the creamy egg version, my dad likes a chicken version, and all of us love this one!

  3. I totally, TOTALLY hate you! God I am ravenous!!

    Hate. You know... H. A. T. E.

    Where's the food dammit!

    Arrrghhh!!! Someone shoot this girl please!


    1. Awww I hate you too! <3 <3


  4. How does this sandwich tastes what can I use instead of chilli flake garlic chips

  5. What can I use instead of chilli flakes and oregano ?

    1. Hi Archana,

      You can completely leave out oregano if you want. Instead of chilli flakes you can use chopped green chilli, but adjust it to your taste. You can leave out the garlic if you want. But I will suggest if you don't have packaged garlic chips, just fry slices or fine pieces of garlic till they're crisp and golden, and you can use that.

      None of these are actually essential to the recipe. It gives a nice taste, but if you don't have it, you can leave it out.


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