No-Bake Eggless Fudge-n-Biscuit Freezer Cake

Everyone has that one person in their lives who, if possible, would live in a house made of chocolate, with furniture made of chocolate, and nibbling their way through it, on a planet made of chocolate, nibbling their way through that as well. I have one in my life too. The permanent roommate, R. He loves chocolate, possibly more than he loves me. And while he's not picky, for him, the darker the chocolate the better it is.

I'm not that much a chocolate lover myself. You see the way I see it......

Pfft. Nah I couldn't say that even in jest. Oh who am I kidding. I love chocolate. In any form. Bars. Chips. Hot chocolate. Chocolate milkshakes. Brownies and cakes. Ice cream. Chocolate coated strawberries and nuts. Frosting. Ganache. Compound. Coverture. Absolutely in any form. Which brings me to the best chocolate dessert I've not only ever had, but also made. It's an absolute sellout, and is my MOST requested item after my Horlicks cookies.

The No-Bake Eggless Fudge-n-Biscuit Freezer Cake. Rubbles of biscuits spread carelessly through dense rich dark chocolate fudge. If you want, rum, raisins, and/or nuts may be in attendance in that fudgy goodness as well. It's soft, yet dense. Chewy yet melt in the mouth. It's definitely eggless. The prep time is less than 15 minutes, the setting takes overnight. The biscuits soften but don't turn to mush when you eat it. It's the perfect birthday cake for anyone who's not too fond of cake. And it's also automatic portion control, since one slice of this is enough to satiate a person. Although, people (and by people I mean R and I, and a few friends) have been known to have more than a slice in one sitting, and finishing the rest clandestinely for breakfast. R, my love, you think I don't know, but I do. After all, half the cake couldn't have disappeared in one night!

Things to remember: Every ingredient at room temperature unless otherwise specified. Always.

No-Bake Eggless Fudge-n-Biscuit Freezer Cake

You need:
  • 500 gms of compound dark chocolate. I use Morde. If you want you can use milk chocolate, but the flavour doesn't pop that much.
  • 250 ml cream. I've used Amul cream.
  • A full large single sleeve of Marie biscuits or ginger biscuits. These are usually eggless. Don't use sweet biscuits.
  • 2 large bowls, one in the shape in which you want the cake.
  • Plastic wrap or foil, I use foil.
  • Toasted chopped nuts, rum-soaked raisins, and additional liquor or coffee if you want.
The How: 
  • Chop up the chocolate into a little less than bite sized pieces. Pour it all in one bowl.
  • In a heavy bottomed pan, heat the cream till tiny bubbles appear on the sides. Turn off the heat. If you have any additional liquors/coffee to be added, add it in the cream then heat.
  • Pour the cream on the chocolate. Let it stay like that for at least 5 minutes. Don't stir now.
  • Till then, pack all the biscuits in a ziploc bag and break them into smaller bits with a rolling pin. Don't reduce it to powder. Just break them into smaller bits. (See the picture to get an idea)
  • 5 minutes later, give it a stir with a spatula. All the chocolate should have melted. If not, put it in the microwave for 15 second bursts, or heat over a double boiler.
  • When completely melted, it should have turned shiny. It will be flowing but only if pushed, but not at all runny.
  • Add the biscuits and nuts if any. Stir to combine thoroughly.
  • In the bowl which you will set this in, line it carefully with foil. Make sure there are no tears, and every corner is moulded properly.
  • Pour the ganache into the mould and push it with a spatula into every corner and to flatten the surface. Tap it a couple of times on the counter to release any air pockets.
  • Take a large piece of plastic wrap or foil, and cover the surface, touching it. As in put the wrap on the surface and flatten it with your hands to completely cover it and make a flat surface. 
  • Put it in the freezer overnight or 4-6 hours.
  • At least 2-3 hours before consumption, take it out into the normal fridge area.
  • When unmoulding, take off the flat foil first. Pick out any torn bits carefully.
  • Now overturn the bowl on your serving plate. Take off the moulded foil slowly and ever so carefully. Pick out any torn bits.
  • Put it back into the fridge till consumption.
That's it! You can divide it into individual serving bowls or smaller bowls as well.

This will be the tastiest dessert you've ever made. And it's impossible to stuff up.

Till the next time!


  1. Looks delectable! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Ahona! Thanks for reading, let me know how it goes :)

  2. Hey, this recipe is a saviour for ppl like me who can't make for nuts. Thank you will definitely try it:)

    1. Thank you Tarana! It's very very easy and difficult to mess up :)
      Thanks for reading!

  3. WOW...simple and definitely going to give it a try !

    1. Yay let me know how it was!
      Thanks for coming by :)


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